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Handmade handbags: Art Made Fashion

Handmade handbags: Art Made Fashion

Handmade handbags, and other accessories from VirtuCugat's range, are a clear expression of the phrase art made fashion. They truly reflect how handcrafting, carried out with love, dedication and professionalism, can take its place amongst the most up-to-date fashions, as well as fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers.

The work is carried out with passion and dedication in order to offer elegant products of only the highest quality. These items compete with fashion accessory brands​ manufactured on an industrial scale by the most prestigious firms. The difference with VirtuCugat is primarily the fact that each product has been created by hand, and so is an exclusive and unique item.

The materials used to create them are the very best leathers in the industry, which ensures that they are distinguished works of art proudly carrying the label Made in Spain. They are timeless, always satisfying daily needs that fulfil every desire.

The company offers a range of handmade bags that will match perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe as timeless, unique and essential items designed to stand out. As such, they will become objects of desire, ready for any occasion. From Betty Bowling's most sophisticated and formal handbags for business meetings or conferences, to the Anais handbag, they are as elegant as they are modest, intended to be enjoyed in your moments of leisure. Reflecting the fact that each piece has its own personality, the items also have their very own names, each one continuing to define the character and features of each creation.

If you like taking notes at work, or simply collecting quotes or writing down stories, the notebooks are a highly recommended alternative. This goes as much for women as for men, with a line of products created exclusively for a male audience.

If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who travels the whole day long, and needs a lot of space to carry multiple items, the backpacks make a perfect choice. Nobody will mistake their sophisticated and structured cut, at every moment fulfilling their objective of being fashionable without sacrificing their practical nature.

Finally, within this line of unique items, special mention must go to wallets and purses. Small and evocative, they are created with every occasion in mind, with a colour and finish that complement the company's handbags perfectly.

These handmade bags and leather goods make the ideal gift for loved ones, friends and acquaintances, or simply as a treat to yourself, making them a sure hit.

All products are available online right now, with free expedited postage throughout Spain for purchases of more than 150 Euros. As such, this is an offer which is hard to resist.

Because handmade items go beyond the fad for a single season's fashion, at VirtuCugat we go a step further with creations that have their own heartbeat and heritage, carrying the brand Made In Spain through and through.


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