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Rojo Rachel, mini bowling

Rojo Rachel, mini bowling

  • Rojo Rachel. mini bowling

The woman who chooses this color is symbolizing the attraction, the seduction and the luxury. The red color gives value, provides security and radiates confidence; becoming the center of attention.

The red color is the color of fire and blood. It is the hottest of the warm colors. some red lips makeup symbolize © and transmit a sweeping sensuality.

The meaning of the color red is linked with the passion, the excitement, the wealth and the power. It is the color of the warning and the danger, however, also represents the desire, the energy, the heat and the pleasure.

The VirtuCugat brand, this fall / winter 2015/16 also seem attracted by to red color and evokes it with the red handbag Rachel, mini bowling;  perfect for attracting the looks. Its red color emphasizes their shape, highlighting its design and making it irresistible. The red has occupied our wish list, with sophisticated proposals for this season.

The possibilities of the red handbag are endless. Perfect to accompany with the looks more sober. A total black look is the perfect companion of the red bag Rachel.

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